Efficiency and quality

Fully automated systems ensure an efficient product flow and stock situation. Innovations are implemented on a continuous basis. In order to minimise losses, juice products are transferred to the tanks via piplines using high-pressure N2.

During and after processing, fruit juices are analysed in the Koel Vrieshuis Juice laboratory using the latest technology. This guarantees the consistent quality of your products.

Storage of 150,000 drums
30,000 drive-in racks

Specialist in fruit juices

Your partner for all fruit juices and concentrates. Koel Vrieshuis Juice provides the most efficient storage, processing and distribution for a variety of different fruit juices.
The specialist processing methods guarantee the highest quality and service. Every stage of the production process is checked on a daily basis with the aid of a comprehnsive quality control system.

Blending tanks

6 x 30,000 litres

Filling installation

Fully automatic filling installation

Double de-drumming

Crusher with heat-exhangers

Fully automatic computer control



Truckloading methods